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 Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board 

Vision Statement
The Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board envisions that by the year 2012…
Everyone in our community has the opportunity to earn a family sustaining wage, and every business has the opportunity to grow. Our region embraces a culture of education and life-long learning. The Southcoast is nationally known as a destination region, and New Bedford as a destination city.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board is to create opportunities that give people access to a continuum of programs and services designed to develop their competencies, employment skills, and education, enabling them to support themselves and their families and increase their quality of life, and to ensure that employers have access to a skilled and educated workforce.

Workforce Investment System Values

We value collaboration
Building relationships, developing partners, including all perspectives

We value common ground
Finding the points on which all agree, we build on them

We value customer satisfaction
Proactively seeking customer needs and concerns

We value investment
Investing in people, building skills and increasing earnings, to benefit the whole community

We value business
By acting on business needs, we can meet jobseekers’ needs

We value access
Enabling people to connect with the services they need, easily, effectively, efficiently

We value life-long learning
Recognizing that learning can never stop if we are to continually improve, and that education is the long-term key to developing a stronger workforce

We value services that meet needs
Matching service levels to the needs of our customers

We value excellence
Evolving services and program offerings based on outcomes - customer feedback and system performance

We value our role as a community resource
Recognizing that we must be an open gateway to information and service that community members of all ages, races, and economic situations can access

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